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 frequently asked questions

  • What is the price of the flats in EURO per square meter?
    The price is varied depending on the floor location /the most expensive is the forth floor/, exposure, and the surface area; /the small flats are more expensive per square meter/, functionality, etc.

  • What is included in the price?
    The price is calculated on the basis of the total surface area in square meters, covering the built-up area /including the rooms, terraces and balconies/, and the ideal shares of the common parts of the building. As to the individual site, purchasing of a cellar premise can also be offered, where its price is not included in the price of the plat.

  • What is the condition of the flat as offered for sale?
    The prices quoted reflect the following degree of completeness of the flats:
    • Walls and ceilings - gypsum ground coat;
    • W & S - polypropylene pipes to the caps;
    • Floor - paste cement;
    • Electrical installation - to the point;
    • Heating - individual gas boilers,
    • Individual gas boilers, fittings, aluminum radiators. Central gasification supplied with natural gas is also connected;
    • Common parts - completely finished;
    • Lifts of hydraulic type.

  • Mode of payment and time-schedule?
    The basic payment schedule is as follows:
    • first payment - upon the conclusion of the contract
    • second payment - upon the completion of the rough construction - elevation, ridge and cornice acceptance
    • third payment - upon the joinery work completion - balcony doors and windows
    Individual schedules are possible according to the Client's resources available. Thus, the basic burden of payment can be differed for a later construction stage against minimum costs raising, as well as the back payment at an earlier stage, which actually shall lead to a price decrease.

  • Is a bank credit allowed?
    Certainly, bank credit is allowed under specific terms to be agreed depending on the concrete and specific bank requirements.

  • When the legal transfer of the property ownership is made?
    The property ownership shall be transferred upon the payment of 90% of the price of the flat, where the remaining 10 % of the payment shall be secured by the Buyer by means of a promissory note. The Seller shall ensure the tax assessment certificate and all related documents as required.

  • What construction works are envisaged to be executed in the adjoining parcels?
    We insist that the Client should be informed about the eventual construction works that may take place in the region and at the concrete dwelling place, as per the data available with us.

  • Basic characteristics of a standard flat:
    1. Built-up area: it includes the net surface areas, the surface area of the internal rooms and façade walls, one half of the surface area of the walls to the adjoining flats and common parts.
    2. The ideal parts of the common parts: they are calculated by a certified expert under the Regulation No.5 of the City Lay-out Act. This is carried out upon the obtainment of a building lease together with the construction documents, being duly certified by a competent authority.
    3. Number of rooms: a dining room is also included in the flat. For example, a 3-room flat includes the total dining space (with a kitchen box included), two bedrooms, a toilet- and bath-room and balconies (terraces). Another alternative with a separated kitchen is also offered.
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